About Modinfinity

Modinfinity is a one-man show run by me, Jake Korth. I have a passion for building websites and products that solve my clients' problems. My goal is to present an engaging experience that will help you think of your business in new ways and get excited about the doors we can open together.

How is Modinfinity different?

I don't want to just build a website and hand it off. I want to work with you, your business and your team to figure out your future roadmap and what I can do to help. I want to help educate my clients about modern websites and development so they can better navigate the ever-changing tech landscape. My hope is that by going the extra mile, we both end up much farther along with our goals by working together, than not.

My typical process

Discovery & Research

Step 1

My hope is to make this entire process as simple as possible. The more time we spend up front planning, the more you will enjoy the end result. We'll take this opportunity to look at your current presence and figure out what we can do better. We'll also look at your competitors and come up with a strategy to help you stand out more.

Design & Development

Step 2

Depending on the size of the project, we can approach design and development in multiple phases. For smaller websites, I can usually design and develop at the same time while deploying the test website privately for you to test and provide feedback. On bigger projects, I can plan out most of the design so we can nail down a great user experience before development. I'll take the time to make sure everything looks great across multiple screen sizes and make sure everything meets my performance standards.


Step 3

Once we're both happy with the project, I'll go through and make sure things like SEO, URL redirects, and SSL are all up to snuff. You'll be up and running in no time!

Two co-workers sitting near a large window working on a single computer

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